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andy james
Jan 15, 2022
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The office is a productivity suite, developed and maintained by one of the biggest companies, market leaders in technology, Microsoft Office. You must already have gotten your answer, Microsoft is not just another company that poses to be developing great software with just a team of 100 members but Microsoft is a big company that needs to keep its reputation and work always on par with the revenue they are getting. This means they need to hire the best people to get the job done and that’s how it works in Microsoft. There is no issue with Microsoft, but the only issue is that Microsoft has been the target for hackers for quite a while now, It is one of the easiest targets anyone can find when it comes to the customer base and data theft. The data Microsoft has stored on their cloud servers is enormous and is really important for most of the Some hackers have been able to place some bugs on the Microsoft Servers to mess with the Office systems and the data stored on Office cloud, but were disabled and disposed of by the efficient Microsoft Office team. Whenever a new bug is found or has effected people, Microsoft has come to rescue and has helped people with the issues. Though we can not comment on if Microsoft is working with the Government agencies to monitor data or services. This also makes some people uncomfortable with the issues caused further. For workplaces, Office is an ideal software for productivity, in our point of view there is no software that can be compared to Microsoft Office Productivity suite but only for those people who do not take security that seriously, this is really one of the easiest ways of getting things done on your computer to skip the paper. Microsoft Office is also one of the most advanced ways to sort your files and keep them connected and the best part about the new Office is the latest set of application that comes with the office that will help you make your teamwork together.
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andy james
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