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ABC Caring Homes is the leading provider of home health care in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and surrounding counties 

ODP Residential Programs

We are now accepting Medicaid 
We are now accepting ODP waivers 

Residential Program

ABC Caring Homes provides community-based residential services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A wide range of community living settings are supervised by direct support staff. Employees are responsible for:

  • Assuring the safety and welfare of the people the Agency supports

  • Assisting people in performing activities of daily living, and

  • Helping people to realize their hopes and dreams.


Services and supports are designed to help people achieve their dreams, be it a trip to Hawaii, visiting a relative who lives far away or purchasing a big screen television. ABC helps people with disabilities develop life skills including cooking, shopping, hygiene, laundry, safety, money/budgeting, cleaning and health. Services are augmented using community resources such as religious activities, recreation, health, public transportation and adult education classes. ABC emphasizes a normal lifestyle for each person while providing opportunities for growth and personal satisfaction.


Residents are employed, others participate in volunteer opportunities, attend training programs or enjoy retirement activities at a senior center. Services vary due to the skills, desires and interests of each person. A strong philosophical commitment to the principles of choice and self-determination has afforded people numerous opportunities to manage their own lives and to live with dignity as members of the community.



All Residential Programs are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

Licensed Under Act 2006-69

ABC Caring Homes LLC is a licensed homecare agency in the State of Pennsylvania under Act 2006-69.

"The intent of this act is to license home care agencies and home care registries in order to provide for consumer protection by establishing oversight, by requiring criminal background checks and communicable disease screens for individuals employed by a home care agency and referred by a home care registry to provide care and by ensuring the physical health and competency of individuals employed by a home care agency and referred by a home care registry to provide care.*" 

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