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5 Services You Can Expect in In-Home Companionship Care

5 Services You Can Expect in In-Home Companionship Care

ABC Caring Homes is the lead provider in In home Care.

In-home companionship care is one of the best services that people can use for seniors and elderly patients in general who are in need of assistance. There are many different services provided within this profession, so it’s important to know the most popular in order to get an idea of what you can expect if you hire someone for this purpose.

We are going to list five services you can expect when you hire someone for in-home companionship care.

#1. Companion

This might seem like stating the obvious as it is part of the service name, but companionship means a lot more than just being in the same room with someone else.

A professional home health care provider is going to know exactly how to engage in interesting conversations with the patient based on their personality and their condition.

#2. Meal Preparation

When someone is in need of a very specific diet, they can hire a home care professional that is also going to help them keep track of their nutrition. Meal preparation is a very important thing and some seniors won’t be able to handle this on their own.

#3. Home Chores

There are all kinds of home chores that need to get done and many home health care providers can help with them. This ranges from cooking and dishwashing to cleaning the bathrooms and the floors.

#4. Running Errands

Sometimes there will be a need to get some errands done and this can often be provided by the home health care provider. This is the kind of service that you are going to have to discuss with the health care provider in order to establish what needs to be done.

#5. Special Services

Some special extra services can be provided such as medical care that requires blood testing and medication administration. These are also going to depend on each health care provider, and all you need to do is make sure that the provider is qualified for this sort of task. Negotiate a price with the provider to see if they can give you special prices based on the number of services you request.


The most important part of this process is to make sure that you can get optimal results from the service that is provided to you. In-home health care and companionship have become extremely popular services due to their affordability and their many advantages over hospitalization.

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